Layla’s Story

Ovarian Cancer

Layla was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer in her home country of Bahrain and was recommended she take 6 weeks of Chemotherapy.

Immediately, Layla refused because she was “terrified of chemotherapy”.

Layla and her sister, with the help of her husband who is a doctor, searched the globe for cancer clinics that would fit their needs and after much research came across Verita Life. Following much consultation they decided this was a good fit for her treatment.

Treatment and Improvements

Since her treatment at Verita Life Thailand, she’s been doing much better, her cancer markers have dropped from over 100 to a normal, healthy range.

She was also surprised by the comradery and familiar feel of the Verita Life clinic and said she made lifelong friends with the staff, doctors and other patients.

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"Chemotherapy is harmful to the immune system, it can totally destroy my immunity…Verita Life proved to be the best one based on medical and scientific proof."