Ozone Therapy

Ozone formed with the combination of three atoms of the element oxygen is a dynamically unstable structure. It has many therapeutic effects when used in medical treatment. The effects of ozone therapy are proven and found to be safe and consistent too.

How is ozone therapy administered

Ozone is considered a highly active form of oxygen. It is highly effective on harmful pathogens. The gas is a potent antioxidant that nature has bestowed on us. Several diseases like acute and chronic viral diseases, cancer, ulcers, burns, gangrene, infected wounds, and many more get treated using ozone. It can help reduce inflammation caused by tumor markers. When ozone comes in contact with the diseased and cancerous cells and pathogens, it kills them by producing oxidative stress. It helps increase blood circulation.
There are minimal side effects; and usually preventable. The medical ozone gets used to treat and disinfect diseases. When treated with ozone, the bacteria, fungi, viruses, and other disease-causing pathogens get inactivated. It stimulates oxygen metabolism and improves the function of the immune system. The cancer cells become inactive and eventually get killed when oxygen or ozone gets used.
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What is ozone  therapy good for

Ozone therapy is good to treat various medical conditions. It helps fight against cancer, heart disease, HIV and various other complicated health situations. Here are some of the most popular uses of ozone therapy:

Treatment Using Ozone for Cancer

In cancer treatment, they use ozone therapy alongside other therapies to give better results. Radiation therapy and chemotherapy are the methods usually used to treat cancer. It is found that low oxygen cancer cells are not very sensitive to these processes. There is a lack of oxygen in tumors, which leads to an increase in the formation of cancer cells, which can then turn into an aggressive form. When ozone therapy is used in these cases, it is found that the oxygen concentration in the tumors gets increased. So, using this alongside other known therapies can make them more effective. Yes, there is a need to use a technique for using ozone safely. It is unusual to use therapeutic materials in a gaseous state. Therefore, it is necessary to develop special application techniques. It will have a higher impact and bring better results.

Treatment Of Wounds with Ozone Therapy

When used to treat external wounds, it is applied locally. It is used in the form of a transcutaneous ozone gas bath. This method has proved to be practical and effective in most cases where it gets used. It gets applied in a closed system where there is minimal chance of escape of ozone into the atmosphere during its application. Ozonated water gets used in dental treatment. The application can be used as a compress or spray. Circulatory disorders, infected wounds, geriatric conditions, viral diseases, muscular degeneration, cancer, aids, arthritis, and many diseases use ozone therapy for treatment.

A Therapy Used for Centuries

The effectiveness of ozone treatment is seen to be well documented. And it has been used effectively for a century and a half. It was used successfully to disinfect drinking water for more than a century. It was found long ago that ozone can remedy infection when used topically on wounds. The discovery of its anti-inflammatory and hemodynamic properties led to it getting used to treat many more diseases more successfully. The study of ozone therapy continued across the globe. And it showed promise in treating many more diseases and disorders. Ozone prevents oxidative stress and helps reduce complications in diabetes. It is effectively used in treating oral infections. It can help decrease neuropathic pain-type behavior.

Role Of Ozone in HIV And AIDS

Even HIV and AIDS patients get treated with ozone therapy for half a century. There was no treatment available for HIV or aids then, and it came as a boon because an incurable disease can now get treated. Because of it, the world could overcome the fear of developing a pandemic with the severe spread of HIV infection and AIDS. It is effective in the in vitro treatment of HIV, but it is ineffective in vivo treatment of AIDS patients.

Study Of Ozone Therapy in Treating Diseases and Disorders

Its possible role in treating SARS was studied extensively. The results are awaited, but there is hope that it will offer a positive result. It can then get used as a treatment for SARS. Until now, no known cure is available to treat this disease caused by a member of the coronavirus family. But, with supportive care and following some simple guidelines, its spread can get prevented. The investigation to find an effective cure or vaccine is still on. Similarly, studies are ongoing to know whether ozone therapy is effective in other highly infectious diseases like MERS and covid 19.

How Does Ozone Therapy Work in Different Pathogens?

During the course of ozone therapy against infections, it is found that the ozone gas oxidizes the lipoproteins and phospholipids contained inside the bacterial cells. Because of this, the integrity of the cell envelope of the bacteria gets disrupted. Ozone inhibits cell growth in fungi. And in viruses, their capsid gets damaged with the use of ozone. Also, its reproductive cycle gets upset because of this. Ozone therapy causes peroxidation in the virus, as a result, the virus-to-cell contact gets disrupted. The weak and susceptible cells get eliminated from the body and get replaced with healthy cells.

Activation Of the Immune System

An increase in the red blood cell glycolysis rate can be seen with the application of ozone therapy. As a result of this, more oxygen gets released to the tissues. It enhances oxidative carboxylation pyruvate, which stimulates ATP production. The overall effect of this is the stimulation of the production of enzymes. This process helps scavenge free radicals and protect the cell walls. It can result in the activation of a more robust immune system because of immunological reactions. The cells can fight the pathogen better, and the chance of prevention against infections increases to a great extent because of this.

The Action of Ozone on Human Lung

With ozone exposure, there is a significant decrease in vital capacity. There is an increase seen in the mean as well as airway resistance. But this may not change the static or pulmonary compliance or the elastic or viscous work. The use of ozone therapy also helps reduce maximal transpulmonary pressure resulting in increased respiratory rate and decreased tidal volume. Overall, it provides better pulmonary function leading to healthier bodies.

Advantages Of Ozone Therapy

There are many advantages of ozone therapy. It helps improve the immune system. It is effective in treating many diseases and disorders. And it acts as a supportive treatment for cancer, HIV, and aids. The studies on this therapy bring hope that it can be effective in treating many diseases that have no cure at the present.

Disadvantages Of Ozone Therapy

There can be an array of ill effects of ozone therapy. Due to its highly oxidative nature, it can give rise to free radicals. It can bring about a cascade of reactions leading to changes in the permeability of membranes. It can also lead to enzyme inactivation. These can cause cell injury or cell death. The combination of ozone with nitrous oxide can have hazardous effects on the cells.

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