Cancer Coach Program

Verita Life's personal coaching program

People Embracing

“I highly recommend cancer coach to anyone who feels lost and alone in their journey and need some guidance…. I am truly very grateful to the Cancer Coach team."

A UK patient

Our Story

Cancer Coach, a service branched out from Verita Life with an aim to help those who at this stage are not fit to fly for integrative treatments in our clinic and have to opt for the treatments that are available in their countries which in many cases can be limited.

Our Belief

At Cancer Coach we believe that being diagnosed with a life-threatening disease like cancer is not the end. After your diagnosis you may experience a mix of emotions from disbelief, distress, to anger and depression, and these emotions could last as long as you allow them to. You will seek diagnosis and treatments from a number of professional healthcare providers, but no one will provide the support you may not know you need during your journey. That is where Cancer Coach can help you!

Our Goal

Our team aims to support you as an individual, not just another statistic. We will help you navigate your journey and assist you medically, physically and emotionally.

Our Programme

Our programme is suitable for all cancer patients, whether you are undergoing treatments, looking to improve your immune system and quality of life or seeking to find the best treatment for your cancer.

Package Description