Chelation Therapy

Cancer has remained untreatable for centuries. But now, this is slowly changing due to emerging technologies in the medical industry. The research to cure cancer is an ongoing process. Scientists have found various breakthroughs to treat the disease. Chelation therapy is one of them. Now you may wonder what chelation therapy is?
It’s a chemical process used to remove heavy metals from the human body. A synthetic solution is injected into the body which throws metals out of the body.
Many cancer patients believe that chelation therapy is harmful or not good for them. Since heavy metals are so deadly for cancer patients, it’s recommended to use chelations therapy because it uses nutritional supplements and chemical injections to kick out these harmful metals from the body.

Causes cancer and  chelations therapy

There can be many reasons that a person gets infected with a disease. Environmental pollution, wrong diet and exercise regimen, heredity, germs, and more are the causes of many diseases. Also, we may imbibe some harmful substances that are toxic and harm our bodies. These substances can be the cause of some disorders or incurable diseases.
The main area of worry because of these toxic materials is they suppress the immune system. During our everyday life, we human beings can imbibe some metals. These can cause irreparable damage to the body if they do not get removed. Sometimes the innate excretory system fails to throw these metals from our bodies. When metals like lead, mercury, arsenic, aluminum, uranium, and cadmium get found in large quantities in our bodies, they can cause much harm. Heavy metal poisoning can be fatal too. People can imbibe these metals through vaccines, processed food, toxic water, metal-laced ointments or salves, and more.
And the primary harm of this is the deregulation of the immune system. It can lead to the body getting infected by some illness easily. And the treatment of these diseases may not be as effective as it should be as the immune system has a reduced function. So, the solution lies if these harm-causing metals should get removed. In doing so, the body’s immunity can improve, and it can fend off any attack of infections from viruses, bacteria, or some other pathogens more vigorously. And this method to remove these toxic metals is chelation therapy. Also, many have seen success in removing the toxicity caused due to these metals in the body.

How does this therapy work?

The treatment plan in this therapy is to attach specific drugs called chelators to the metals in the human body. These chelators get induced into the body via an intravenous tube or a pill form. A few examples of chelators are dimercaprol, deferoxamine, succimer, edetate calcium disodium, and penicillamine. After this drug gets administered, it attaches itself to the metals in the body. And then, this combination gets filtered out through the kidney function and gets expelled during urination.
The body gets cleansed of the metal intruders, which have acted as impediments to its immune system. Now that these metals get thrown out, the immune system starts rebuilding itself. It is now strong enough to fight off infections and even cancer.
Indeed, doctors who perform this therapy need expert training in this. The treatment can be harmful if not performed appropriately. Also, this therapy has some side effects, so the doctor in question needs to carry out all the required tests before starting the treatment. It is necessary to administer the optimum dose of the treatment drug. Chelation therapy can have side effects too.
The chelators can attach themselves to some essential metals in the body, and help expel the unwanted metal. This process can cause the deficiency of some vital metals in the body leading to other disorders. And when this happens, the doctor needs to monitor the patient properly; and administer these metals through diet or any other method to retain the balance.
Chelation therapy has proven to be successful for metal poisoning in most cases. Yes, some side effects can occur, but they get cured with the right and timely treatment. It is advisable to undergo the therapy only under medical supervision to avoid all these harmful effects of chelation therapy. And if the process goes awry, due to using over- the-counter medicine, it can become fatal.
The common side effects can be chills, fever, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. But there can be some critical side effects like seizures, respiratory failure, drop in blood pressure, allergic reaction, reduced heartbeat, and many more. They can turn out to be fatal or cause a permanent disorder in the body.
To avoid all these complications, when you are diagnosed with metal toxicity, it is advisable to contact a trained medical practitioner for chelation therapy. Yes, a few doctors may use this therapy to treat disorders like autism, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and so on. It is not proven yet to be successful. So, it is not advisable to undergo chelation therapy for these disorders.

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