Treatments - IPT

Conventional dosages of chemotherapies are harming the immune system as well as all other organs. As a result of weakening the immune system, our immune cells’ capability to detect and attack cancer cells is impaired.

Therefore, we use a form of low-dose chemotherapy, which protects the organs and the immune system and can even be applied when classical methods no longer help. To achieve this, we combine chemotherapy with substances that reduce blood sugar. The technique is called IPT.

Glucose (Sugar) is essential for every cancer cell, and without glucose, cancer cells cannot produce energy and maintain their metabolism.

In comparison to healthy cells, cancer cells greatly depend on the supply of sugar. To absorb more sugar per period than normal cells, they have more receptors than healthy cells on their cell surface. The result is faster and more aggressive growth.

Why Choose  IPT?

With the help of our technique, we reduce the blood glucose level to a minimum. We are weakening the cancer cells and increasing their vulnerability to any form of chemotherapy. At that moment, we inject a very low dose of chemotherapy (10-15% of the usual dose) to kill those weakened cancer cells. Due to the low dose, we also minimize the chemo drug’s side effects on the organs and the immune system. Therefore, this form of therapy is very well tolerated and can be repeated many times. It is suitable for almost all types of cancers.

A Dangerous Environment For Cancer

Verita Life clinic has administered IPT treatments for many of our patients and has achieved outstanding results. Alongside Primary Immune Treatments, this therapy attacks cancer by creating a dangerous environment for cells to thrive in.

Our latest patients have observed these fantastic results and are available to watch on the testimonials page. Achieving inspiring results with little to no side effects in cancer treatments is no longer impossible; it’s happening right here, right now.

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