Dendritic Cancer Cell Therapy

Dendritic Cell Therapy is a powerful form of immune therapy used to fight cancer. It uses resources which already exist within the human body, namely, Dendritic Cells. They trigger the immune system to produce cells which fight cancer, and tell those cells how to do it.

What is the Dendritic cell’s function?

To understand Dendritic Cells, we must first understand how the immune system works. The body has both an innate and an adaptive immune system. The innate immune system is the first line of defence. It is none specific and fights any foreign antigen which enters the body. The adaptive immune system is the immune system which has learned how to fight specific antigens.

Dendritic cells act as the liaison between your different immune systems. They help the body to notice and recognise antigens which it needs to fight. In the case of cancer treatment, they teach your immune system to identify cancer cells, also called tumour antigens. This means that your adaptive immune system recognises cancer cells and can jump in faster to produce more of the cells which fight cancer. Unfortunately, Dendritic Cells are seldom active in adequate numbers.

What is Dendritic Cell Cancer Treatment?

Dendritic Cell Cancer therapy is a type of immunotherapy which helps to bolster your immune system and natural defences against cancer, by training and creating more dendritic cells.
It is highly advanced and targeted therapy, with a number of steps:

  • Some dendritic cells are extracted from your body
  • These cells are trained to fight the type of tumour which you have
  • More of these trained cells are grown
  • The cells are then re-injected into the body, acting as a dendritic cell-based cancer vaccine
  • The dendritic cells move to the lymph nodes and activate, multiply and increase cancer fighting cells – T-cells and B-cells.

The benefits have been extensively researched and it has been proven a completely viable and safe alternative to conventional treatment. It has become a pillar in alternative cancer treatment, and has been adopted into many successful programmes across the world.

Why Choose  Dendritic Cell Cancer Treatment with Verita Life?

At Verita Life, immune therapy is a big part of our patient care regimen. Along with other planned programmes that combat cancer cells, leaving your natural defenses intact and strengthening them through proven therapies and natural boosters. Many conventional cancer treatments have severe side effects which the body has to stand up to. Dendritic cell cancer treatment ensures that patients spend less time fighting the symptoms of their cancer treatment, and more time fighting cancer itself.

Verita Life equips you with the best tools possible to fight cancer. As Dendritic Cell Cancer Treatment is complex and highly specialised, only a few laboratories are equipped to perform the training and culturing portion of the process. Verita Life collaborates with a laboratory in Germany to assure the very best quality of cells. We also create personalised treatment plans, which adopt a number of our different integrated treatments, to best suit your body. You can learn more about this process and how we work with you to perform it, by booking a free consultation today.

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