Peptide Therapy

The treatment plans offered at Verita Life are all in an effort to intelligently destroy tumours without the major sacrifices that come with high-dose chemo.

We discuss your options and select a personalised plan for patients to undertake during their stay with us. Get in touch with one of our patient care representatives to find out more, or schedule a consultation with one of our doctors.

The benefits of immunotherapy have been extensively researched in the past few years as a completely viable and safe alternative to conventional cancer treatment methods.

Peptide Therapy allows specific T-cells to activate their ability to recognise and attack tumour cells. Their main job is to help your immune system to identify receptors in cancer cells, also called tumour antigens.

The purpose of Peptide Therapy is to bolster your natural defences against cancer cells.

Peptide Therapy

Why Choose  Peptide Therapy?

In cancer immunotherapy, cytotoxic T lymphocytes (CTLs, also known as T cells) play a leading role in attacking cancer cells. The markers recognised by CTLs to distinguish between cancer cells and normal cells are called tumour-associated antigens.

Cancer Peptide Therapy using tumour-associated antigen-derived peptides will allow T-lymphocytes to recognize and attack cancer cells. Peptide Therapy has been well-researched and has received a lot of positive feedback over the years.

As cancer care becomes more and more integrative and less focused on harmful conventional cancer treatments like high-dose chemotherapy and radiation, immune-activating alternatives have taken much of the spotlight away. And there is no surprise as to why.

They are safer because they avoid and preserve healthy cells instead of destroying them.