Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the treatments available at Verita Life?

All our treatment plans are personalised, fully supported by scientific research, and holistic. For a list of our treatments and therapies, please see “Cancer Treatments“

Who does Verita Life have in its clinics?

Our teams include board-certified physicians, oncologists, medical researchers, registered nurses, lifestyle counselors, health educators and nutritional experts. Most of our team members have received advanced training and post-graduate certifications and are certified members of their respective professional societies.

What type of cancers do we treat at Verita Life?

Our doctors have years of experience and are skilled in treating all types of cancers. We also have preventative treatment programmes for patients with a predisposition to cancer as well as those in remission.

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Does Verita Life perform radiation or surgery?

Verita Life does not perform radiation or surgery, but if you have been diagnosed with cancer, or believe that you may have cancer and come to us seeking a diagnosis, we can refer you to physicians and medical facilities that provide advanced radiological and surgical treatment options. Those treatments are extensively supported by Verita Life’s complementary therapies.

Are Verita Life clinics in-patient facilities?

Verita Life offers private outpatient clinics. They are in close proximity to many hotels and service apartments which offer special rates to Verita Life patients and their families or care-givers. Our clinics are dedicated to giving you a caring and healing environment. If hospitalisation care is required, necessary arrangements will be made for you.

How long should I expect to stay at a clinic?

This depends on the type and stage of your cancer as well as your physical condition. A consultation will be arranged with our doctor to assess your condition and to provide you with a range of solutions.

What makes Verita Life different?

Verita Life offers unique cancer treatment centres that complement conventional cancer treatments to increase your chances of remission. No matter what stage or what kind of cancer you have, a plan is designed specifically to get the best outcomes for you, efficiently and with as little pain and discomfort to you as possible.

What is Verita Life’s approach to cancer?

Our approach is to use Integrative Cancer Treatments to detoxify your body, enhance your immunity, and eliminate cancer cells within the body. We then work together to increase your body’s defenses to help protect you against cancer in the future. Our approach is:

  • Grounded on clinical research
  • Based on each individual’s biological state and condition
  • Life affirming and hope orientated

Our main goal is to provide you with the best chance possible of healing and improving your overall quality of life. We treat all types of cancer patients to:

  • Complement conventional cancer treatments to maximise the results
  • Reduce classical treatment side effects and toxicity
  • Boost treatment effectiveness
  • Restore your biological integrity through personalised supplementation and improved nutrition
  • Regain and improve physical strength and flexibility
  • Provide you the knowledge necessary to remain cancer-free

Does Verita Life see only cancer patients?

No. Our approach to preventing and healing cancer covers everyone from very late stage cancer patients to those who are healthy but concerned about getting cancer.

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What if I’m undergoing conventional cancer treatment?

If you are undergoing conventional treatments and want to maximise results and reduce the side effects, we can help before, during and after your treatment.

What if I’m a cancer survivor or I’m concerned about a cancer risk?

If you are concerned about cancer returning, have a predisposition to cancer or a compromised immune system, we provide comprehensive prevention plans.

What if I’m looking for alternative medical approaches?

If conventional treatments have been ineffective or you have been advised that conventional treatments are not appropriate, we can provide alternative solutions.

Can I safely use alternative or complementary therapies?

All of our treatments are safe, clinically and scientifically proven to work. They are all backed by many research papers and case studies. If you would like information on a specific treatment, please contact us and we will explain in further detail.

Can I use my insurance policy?

This depends on the kind of insurance cover that you have, however, many of our patients have been reimbursed for all or part of their treatment. We can assist with completion of insurance forms, if necessary.

Will I have to pay for a second opinion from Verita Life?

No. If you have questions or would like a second opinion, please schedule a consultation with our doctors at no cost.

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What is a typical day’s treatment at a Verita Life clinic?

You will be driven to the clinic by 9.30 a.m by hotel shuttle or other transport as agreed and depending on the accommodation option chosen. First contact will be to update staff on how you feel, your night’s sleep and to check vital signs. Breakfast is served and the first IV infusion of the day is given. At 10 a.m, a mental relaxation technique is provided to help manage stress and feel calm.

Around 11 a.m, depending on the patient’s treatment schedule, there will be a one hour private treatment such as a Colonic Therapy, a Lymphatic Drainage, EWOT (Exercise With Oxygen Therapy), or a Hyperthermia Session.

In addition to formal consultations and tests, the medical staff and doctors will be available at most times for any questions. It is an informal environment and patients are encouraged to take maximum interest in their own treatment goals.

Following the morning treatments, lunch is served in either the IV room or the dining area. Most afternoons you will continue with another IV infusion as well as taking a second private treatment.

During the afternoon we may conduct education classes, helping you learn more about your own body, how to fight off cancer and stop it from returning. Most days your treatment will be complete by about 5p.m when you will return to the hotel.

Your complete dinner and drinks are packed up to take home for the evening meal.

What are the steps to becoming a Verita Life patient?

The first step is contacting one of our experienced Patient Representatives who will discuss your condition, explain our treatments and services, and answer your initial questions.

Next, should you be interested in moving to the next step of having a doctor’s consultation, you will be offered an appointment slot, and be asked to upload your medical records through our secure portal in advance for review by our oncology doctors. This consultation can take place via Skype or we can telephone you.

During the consultation, the doctor will discuss your case, circumstances and treatment options in detail. There is no charge for either the records review or doctor’s consultation.

If you decide to have treatment, the third step will be preparing for travel to our clinics.

You may need to complete some additional medical tests. Our patient coordinator will discuss financial matters and also insurance if applicable.

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Can I come for treatment by myself?

Many patients do, however, it is recommended that a friend or family member accompanies you during your treatment program if possible. If needed, out-of-clinic care (a helper or nurse) can be arranged at a reasonable cost.

What happens when I arrive in Thailand for treatment?

You will be fast tracked through airport immigration and our staff will accompany you in a private car to your hotel. On arrival at the clinic you will meet the full medical team for final evaluation and they will explain and agree on your exact treatment plan.

Sometimes additional tests will be conducted and certain treatments will only begin after a few days. We are here to help throughout this process and we will be available for questions and help at all times.

What happens when I return home following treatment?

Cancer is a journey whether you are late stage, under early diagnosis, or in partial or full remission.

We understand that for a variety of reasons patients may not remain at a clinic indefinitely. They may need ongoing, post-clinical support to remain cancer-free or continue to attack their cancer in other medical or residential settings.

We offer patients various options and programmemes between visits or once they are discharged.

It starts with education on key lifestyle changes, nutrition and supplements but also focuses on periodic top up treatments. Our personalised cancer treatment plans provide cancer-defense and help optimise immune strength.

Communication is important, and our caring medical team welcomes regular updates and questions from all our former patients.

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