Herbal Cancer Therapy

At Verita Life, our herbal treatment protocols have been assessed and implemented by Dr. Adem Günes. Following years of research, he developed specific protocols to address varying types of tumours. We use proven compounds that stem from all natural herbal ingredients such as curcumin, quercetin and other anti-cancer therapies.

These are complemented by a host of other powerful boosters, immune activators and herbal super-drugs that can suppress tumour growth.

In combination with other treatments such as IPT and Local Body Hyperthermia therapy, your body’s immune response becomes supercharged and can significantly deter cancer growth as well as facilitate its destruction.

The story of medicinal applications of herbal remedies stretches far across history books throughout the world. Some are considered old wives’ tales or family secrets passed along generations, and others still have a significant value in treating many symptoms.

How these age-old remedies were discovered can most often be left up to the imagination. However, in the day and age of scientific medicine, true benefits of many natural herbs have been studied and thoroughly tested.

The main function of herbal treatments alongside our other primary cancer treatments is to shrink tumours or break them down to facilitate their destruction.

The application of herbal treatments in cancer care involves using proven plants and plant extracts to stimulate a certain type of reaction. It’s also an important note that in complementary or integrative cancer treatment, natural remedies form the building blocks of treatments.

What makes herbal therapy so progressive is that cancer cells can adapt and become resistant to many treatments and drugs. With Herbal Cancer Therapy, the focus is to bolster your body’s defenses and/or attack cancer cells by modifying the patient’s regimen based on the latest results. They offer specific responses to certain types of cancer activity, such as blocking the metabolic process in tumour cells.