Metabolic Treatment

Verita Life’s many cancer care treatments include a host of biological therapies designed to fight cancer alongside our primary cancer-fighting protocols. With a strong and healthy diet and proven supplemental therapies, your body can focus on defending itself against the spread of cancer.

Along with our proven strategies and uniquely-tailored cancer treatment plans, we can focus on delivering powerful and very safe regimens that help patients get better.

Metabolic Treatment explained

Cancer cells consume more glucose and produce more lactate than normal cells.

Metabolic treatments use certain drugs to block the production of energy in the cancer cells making them more sensitive to other cancer treatments.

Also, it activates inside cancer cells a suicide-programmeme (apoptosis), that is very often deactivated in cancer cells. The mechanism becomes active in healthy cells whenever they become too old or too sick.

As cancer has special metabolic needs these needs can be used against the cancer cells by using special metabolic inhibitors and diet.

Why Choose Metabolic

why choose metabolic treatment

Metabolic Treatment provides a powerful new intervention point that can be sourced from many effective therapies already on the market.

One of several such drugs is Artesunate, a drug that was originally developed to fight malaria, was found to have a powerful anti-tumour action that was based on how it reacts to iron. It is basically used by the cells to create free radicals which cause cell death within the cancer cell.

Artesunate has been thoroughly researched again and again, as an approved drug and is well-documented and completely viable for use where it can be effective.

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Results along with treatment plans, will vary depending on each persons medical history.