Gintare’s Story

Ovarian Cancer

Cancer can happen to anyone. You might live a healthy lifestyle; you might be a personal trainer; you might be a mother to a son. The diagnosis can happen at any given moment and, once faced with this as a reality, it means having to make serious decisions for your life.
What if after having gone through one cancer, you got diagnosed with a different cancer a second time? Would you still have the courage to believe in yourself and keep going?

Gintare, or Gin, as we call her, did exactly that. After having had Breast Cancer and gone through conventional treatment, when she got her Ovarian Cancer diagnosis a few years later, she knew that she had to find another way to heal. She found Verita Life Thailand, decided to put her trust in us, and came here for her integrative cancer treatment.
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Our alternative cancer treatment clinic in Bangkok welcomes you.

Once you have made the choice to heal, hope is the one thing worth having.

In Part 2 of Gintare’s story, she shares with us further insight to her journey fighting cancer and being a member of our Verita Life family in Bangkok, Thailand. We are very thankful for Gin and the results she’s had. She is a living example for all of us, showing how the right treatments, coupled with the right mindset, could take you further than you know. This journey is difficult, but possible.

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