Doctors - Dr Hossami

Dr. Abdulla El Hossami specialises in integrative cancer therapies and is the medical team leader at Verita Life Bangkok. He attended the Faculty of Medicine, Misr University for Science and Technology (Egypt). He has studied oncology and integrative medicine at Harvard University, Mayo Clinic, and Cleveland University in the United States. He is also certified as a cancer coach by the Beat Cancer Organization.

He has developed protocols in immune cell therapy for the use in cancer treatments and has helped to further increase the efficacy of immune cells against cancer and supports many of his patients through their journey by guiding them medically and emotionally and by following up with them for years after finishing their treatments. A firm believer that all patients should be treated as family members and continue to support them whenever needed which pushed him to start Cancer Coach.

He is currently based in Bangkok, Thailand and has written a few cancer articles in various publishing outlets to raise awareness for cancer such as Expat Life in Thailand.

“Dr Hossami is a wonderful doctor who is always there to help. At times, Dr Hossami’s kind, encouraging words were what kept me going. He really believes in all his patients and is truly a wonderful human being!”

A colon cancer patient

Medical Director of Verita Life Centre Bangkok

Developed immune cell therapy protocols for different cancer treatments

Continuously refine cancer protocols for each individual patient

Was among the first to start telehealth for cancer care before the pandemic

Focus on patient’s medical condition as well as emotional well-being