Thyroid Cancer Patient’s Positive Message after Integrative Treatment

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Thyroid Cancer Patient’s Positive Message after Integrative Treatment

Thyroid Cancer
Thyroid Cancer is a cancer of the thyroid gland. Thyroid glands are located at the front of the neck and they produce hormones that help the body to function normally and to use energy. Although the exact cause of Thyroid Cancer is not known, there are certain risk factors associated with the illness, these include age, family history and exposure to radiation, among others.

Lee Phin was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer. Thanks to her family doing lots of research online, she was encouraged and urged by them to seek out the facilities in Bangkok for her Integrative Treatment. Receptive to this news, and thankful for all the knowledge her family had garnered, she decided to travel and seek out a treatment that would not only just work on her cancer, but one that would also give her a good quality of life.

At Verita Life Thailand
Upon arriving in Bangkok, Lee was given an Integrative Treatment that included intravenous medication, a small dose of chemotherapy and a variety of therapies. Enthusiastic and committed, Lee followed the doctors’ recommendations to the latter. She did as she was asked, adhered to treatment plans, and now, as she says, with a broad smile, she feels much better than before she received the treatment.

When asked to give a piece of advice to other patients considering integrative treatment, Lee said,

“Don’t give up! Never give up!”

Lee experienced no side effects during her six-week stay in Bangkok while undergoing her treatment and this is something she was impressed with and grateful for. She was also equally very impressed by the kind of general treatment she received while in Bangkok. The doctors, nurses and other staff were extremely kind, caring and empathetic towards her.

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If you are suffering from Thyroid Cancer, or know of a loved one who is, please contact us and a patient representative will attend to you as soon as possible.

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Thyroid Cancer
Thyroid Cancer