Japan Invents Cancer Metastasis Pattern Contraption

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Japan Invents Cancer Metastasis Pattern Contraption

Cancer is an abnormal cell growth in the body part which multiplies at an uncontrollable rate. Also known as malignancy, it is not self contained but has to ability to multiply and spread to other parts of the body through the bloodstream and lymphatic system. These malignant cells invade other tissue and organs in the body to form tumour, this process is known as metastasis. Metastasis tumour is the same kind as the primary tumour that formed originally. Metastasis causes damage in important organs such as lungs, brain, liver, colon and so on. Cancer cells travel throughout the body via blood vessels or lymph system. During their journey, they emerge from blood vessel walls to form a new tumour.

If cancer starts in the lungs and spreads to the colon through metastasis, the tumour in the colon is treated as lung cancer and not colon cancer. Researchers are aiming their studies on how to stop the growth of primary cancer cells and metastasis. The origin of primary cancer where it started from is often unknown, therefore locating cancer growth pattern could save more lives. Cancer treatment options include Chemotherapy, Targeted Therapy, Hormonal Therapy, Biological Therapy, Surgery, Radiations and Oral medications. Doctors treat cancer as long term chronic disease and patients should follow up on a regular basis.

A New Discovery
In Japan, a team of researchers from University of Tokyo and the RIKEN Quantitative Biology Center, have developed a technique to capture and record metastasis, the way cancer cells are spreading to other body parts. The study has been tested on mice to prove its possibility. They were injected with fluorescein cancerous tissue which grew over a certain time period. A transparent chemical was given to make the mouse’s body and organs appear transparent. These researchers were then able to capture the fluorescence cancerous cells and detect the pathway of how it spread to other body parts. From these captures, they can evaluate and determine the size, volume, shape and pattern of metastasis. This technology when applied on humans makes cancer diagnosis more precise and accurate. When cancer cells travel along the bloodstream and lymph system, some cells die and do not metastasise.

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