Dandelion root is a herb, which is used for medical purposes. The dandelion plant itself has been known to help treat conditions, such as: joint pain, loss of appetite and bruises. It can even benefit disturbances of the bowel and urine production. Rich in antioxidants, the dandelion has been used with the medical purpose of fighting cancer as an alternative medicine. By killing cancer cells in the body and maintaining the health of healthy cells, the root could be used as a gentler plant based treatment for cancer as opposed to Surgical or Chemotherapy approaches.

Dandelion root extract (DRE) is spoken about as a beneficial way in treating LiverPancreatic and Colorectal Cancers, it may offer the best way in offering how to treat cancer naturally. In China and Native American groups, the DRE is well known as a traditional medicine.


1) Dandelion root contains Vitamin K and has Antioxidants which help to fight cancer

Antioxidants contained within the dandelion root are capable of removing harmful tumour cells from the body. It also helps in reducing the waste of DNA strands, which are coiled. The breakage of the strands leads to the development of cancer. This being said, before approaching DRE, it is recommended that you consult your doctor. Vitamin K is a well known vitamin in reducing the risks of cancer and its development.

2) Potential cure for those suffering with Pancreatic Cancer

Pancreatic Cancer has a 100% mortality rate. Therefore, any alternative treatment is welcomed for this disease. DRE causes the body’s natural destructive mechanism (autophagy) and a programmemed cell death (apoptosis) in cancerous pancreatic cells. This has no impact on healthy cells and researchers have welcomed this as a treatment for Pancreatic Cancer.

3) Wide-spread areas of Colorectal Cancer are targeted by DRE

DRE targets tumour cells by causing multiple deaths in the ways they are activated. Programmesmed cell death using DRE (from in vitro studies) has been found to kill 95% of cells. In vivo studies, when DRE is taken orally, as much as 90% of colon cancer cells can be killed.

4) Fight against Chemoresistant Melanomas

DRE has been demonstrated as an effective alternative in fighting chemoresistant melanomas. It induces programmemed cell death of these cells in humans with no consequence to healthy cells.

5) DRE lessens the growth of Gastric cells

DRE assists in the reduction of gastric cancer cell/tumour growth (a common form of cancer).


A widely known side effect of the dandelion root is that it increases the frequency of the need to urinate. In addition, the root can cause diarrhea, stomach inflammation and heartburn. It has been known to lower blood sugar and those who are young with kidney diseases, it can increase toxicity. In children, allergic reactions increase.


Researchers are still seeking definitive, valid and strong data concerning DRE as a treatment for cancer. However, many still use DRE as a treatment without the scientific validation as it has long rumoured cancer-preventative and health-boosting properties.

Moreover, dandelion has Oestrogenic activities which can trigger cancer growth. Meaning that treating hormone sensitive cancers with dandelion could be harmful. The dandelion root, in this way, is only suitable in treating certain types of cancer. You should consult a medical professional before adopting this as an alternative herbal treatment for cancer.

Herbal Medicine is one of the treatment protocols provided within Verita Life’s comprehensive Integrative Cancer Treatment plan. The treatments aim to destroy cancer cells while boosting immunity with minimal side effects. To know how we can help you or a loved one, schedule a free consultation with our doctors at your earliest convenience.

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