Being 23 is a great time to be alive. Your whole world is in front of you and you’re planning to take on the world while still leaving time for fun and friends. Unfortunately, our patient Constantine had to put those things aside following his lymphoma diagnosis. Further proof that cancer can show up unannounced and definitely uninvited.

Unlike many cancer patients, Constantine was already aware of the benefits of integrative cancer care because he began his treatment back home in Australia. He was receiving different therapies such as vitamin C injections and full-body hyperthermia, but he was still looking for something more in-depth. Shortly after a few local consultations, he was put in touch with a German doctor who told him about Verita Life’s clinic in Bangkok. After talking to our representative and to our doctors, he felt good about making the journey to Thailand.

Constantine’s Personal Treatment Plan 

Since he had different regimens before coming to us, our doctors made sure to give him a unique set of treatments. We put together a tailored plan for Constantine that was comprised of IPT Therapy, High-dose Vitamin C, major ozone therapy and localized hyperthermia.

“It’s a tailored treatment plan that they organised for me”

Our patient was ecstatic but not at all surprised when he told us that in the six weeks since he began his treatment, his chest CT revealed that his lymph nodes had shrunk from 5 1/2 centimeters to 1 centimeter.

“…We were expecting really good results, because we had a really good feeling about the clinic, about the doctors and all the treatments”

The Difference between Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

What the difference between

One thing was for sure, Constantine’s condition with lymphoma didn’t slow him down one bit. His positivity and openness was an example of a new age of understanding within oncology. His attitude carried with it a bold message that everyone should know – we shouldn’t be afraid of cancer, because cancer is treatable.


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