Prostate Cancer Cells Shrink When Exposed to Natural Agents

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Prostate Cancer Cells Shrink When Exposed to Natural Agents

A combination of three naturally-occurring nutrients in certain plants have been found to have the ability to starve Prostate Cancer Cells. These findings are the result of a study done by the University of Texas, Austin. The researchers have identified compounds in turmeric, red grapes, and apple peels that have the potential to stunt the growth of Prostate Cancer. At present, Prostate Cancer is the most prevalent cancer diagnosed in men within the United States.

Due to the promising results, the study has been published on Precision Oncology, an international, peer-reviewed journal that publishes cutting-edge cancer research. The study implemented a unique methodology to assess the effects of multiple plant-based agents. This was done instead of the more common method of testing chemicals individually. Their methodology yielded numerous combinations of compounds that had the ability to decrease the size of Prostate Cancer tumours.

Stefano Tiziani, the lead researcher and an assistant professor of the Department of Nutritional Sciences and Dell Pediatric Research Institute at UT Austin, stated that they were able to inhibit the growth of tumours in mice without any toxicity. This is indicative of a possible treatment for the cancer without any damage to cells that the body needs for proper function.

Three Most Effective Ingredients
The team initially evaluated a total of 142 naturally occurring compounds on human as well as mouse cells. Their goal was to find signs of weakened cell growth of Prostate Cancer cells when compounds were applied individually or as a mixture. The most effective combination of active ingredients that were tested on model animals included: Ursolic Acid, Curcumin, and Resveratrol.

The researchers have indicated that the three chemicals are able to hinder cancer cells from consuming Glutamine, an abundant amino acid found in blood and tissue. Other studies have found that the Glutamine consumption of cancer cells is essential for tumour growth.

The three ingredients are found in everyday food items. Ursolic Acid is naturally occurring in rosemary and apple peels. Curcumin is found in the yellow substance in turmeric. Resveratrol is commonly found in berries and red grapes. According to Tizani, the plant sources of the nutrients are readily available, and they have anti-cancer properties. And in order to have an effect on Prostate Cancer cells, the requirement is simply to increase consumption beyond normal healthy diet levels.

Results of the study are indeed promising. That one possible option to mitigate Prostate Cancer is to hinder tumour growth by stopping cancer cells from consuming Glutamine, simply by taking higher amounts of nutrients that are commonly found in the human diet.

Over the years, several volumes of research have gone into finding natural treatments for cancer. With the results of this study, scientists may be one step closer to a natural form of treatment that is accepted and administered by the general medical community.

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