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As part of Verita Life clinic’s powerful cancer treatments, Viral Immune Therapy has earned a place in our Primary Cancer-Fighting Therapies. Our doctors have studied natural and herbal treatments for years and have a lot of faith in the cancer treatments that outsmart and target cancer cells.

To learn more about viral immune and similar therapies, contact us and we can give you a no-cost overview of how our treatments can help you.

What is Viral Immune Therapy ?

Much like it sounds, Viral Immune Therapy is a specially-developed regimen that is introduced into your body to act much like a virus does. The difference is that these viruses are trained cancer killers.

The viruses find cancer cells, penetrate them, multiply and destroy from within. Since they have been bred to focus on cancer cells, the risk to healthy cells is minimal. It’s a cutting-edge sector of oncology and cancer research that has shown impressive results.

Viral Immune or Oncolytic Virus Therapy is a new type of Immunotherapy that uses genetically modified viruses to kill cancer cells. In this therapy, the doctor injects a virus into the tumour, then the virus enters the cancer cells and makes copies of itself.

As the cells die, they release specific substances called antigens. This triggers the patient’s immune system to target all the cancer cells in the body that have those same antigens.


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Why choose Viral Immune Therapy ?

Two examples of these therapies are oncotropic and oncolytic treatments. Oncotropism is a virus’ ability to recognise specific cell receptors in cancer cells and enter them, while oncolysis is its ability of the virus to attack and destroy the cancer cells from within.

Again, these two factors are programmed to affect cancer cells and will affect healthy cells minimally, if at all. This drug has seen very successful results fighting Bladder Cancer, Colorectal Cancer, Pancreatic Cancer, Prostate Cancer and Lung Cancer, to name a few.


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