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Once reintroduced to the patient, the Dendritic Cells migrate to the lymph nodes where they acti-vate, multiply and increase immune response from T cells and B cells.

At Verita Life, immune therapy is a big part of our patient care regimen. Along with programmemes that combat cancer cells, we not only leave your natural defences intact but strengthen them through proven therapies and natural boosters.

Patients spend less time fighting the symptoms of their cancer treatment, and more time fighting the cancer itself. Along with Natural Therapies and Boosters, Verita Life equips you with the best tools possible.

We give your body what it needs to rid it from cancer.


The benefits of immunotherapy have been extensively researched in the past few years as a completely viable and safe alternative to conventional treatment methods. Dendritic Cells act as the liaison between your innate and your adaptive immune system.

Their main job is to help your system identify receptors in cancer cells, also called tumour antigens. The purpose of this immunotherapy is to activate multiple immune cells to bolster your natural defences against cancer cells. Dendritic Cell Therapy has become a pillar in alternative cancer care and has been adopted into many successful programmes across the world.

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Why choose Dendritic Cell Therapy ?

Dendritic Cell Therapy is a powerful form of immune therapy used to fight cancer. The dendritic cell is the most potent of all antigen-presenting immune cells.
Their job is to break down cancer cells so the T-cells can then identify and attack them. Unfortunately Dendritic Cells are seldom active in adequate numbers to get this immune response in the face of an active cancer.

Dendritic Cell Therapy boosts the numbers by taking some immature Dendritic Cells from the patient’s own blood and cultivating, processing and activating them in the laboratory. It is a complex and highly special¬ised process that only a few laboratories can perform. Verita Life collaborates with a laboratory in Germany to assure the very best quality of cells.

This type of Dendritic Cell Therapy is a targeted therapy. The particular tumour markers are cul-tured as well as trained, and therefore are tumour specific. This is a more advanced procedure than just training the Dendritic Cells.

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