Organ Support

At Verita Life, our Immune Therapy Programmes combines a multitude of powerful integrative treatments. We allow the body to regain its strength and prevent the loss of muscle tissue.

We’ve seen some remarkable success using this therapy alongside Herbal Medicine and our State-of the-art Primary Cancer-Fighting regimens.

Organ support is part of a tailored and dynamic anti-cancer approach that has helped reduce the symptoms of cancer care in a safe and welcoming environment.

To learn more about supportive therapies offered at our clinics, get in touch with our patient care representatives.

“We allow the body to regain its strength and prevent the loss of muscle tissue.

Organ Support Therapy Explained

organ support therapy explained

Although the upmost care is taken during many types of integrative treatments, and although these treatments aren’t nearly as taxing as high-dose chemotherapy and radiation treatments, the process of cancer care can be difficult on the organs.

The organs work overtime to process new foods, therapies and natural immune-boosters, which causes a possibility of the organs suffering. A big part of supportive therapy is making sure that a patient’s organs are monitored, supplemented and allowed to rest.

Why choose Organ Support Therapy?

Our doctors and clinicians take the time to carefully oversee each patient as they undergo their treatment to ensure that their system responds well to the Cancer-Fighting and Immune Boosting protocols that we introduce into their bodies, while trying to not over-exert vital organs.

Through exercise, natural diets and specific oral compounds that help organs heal; we maintain healthy function of your internal organs in a safe and tested way.

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The testimonials on our website are the real life experiences from patients who are willing to share their experiences and treatment journey at Verita Life. They have done so to offer some insight and may be of hope to other cancer patients, but they are not meant to represent the journey of all patients. As you are probably aware everyone’s cancer is unique and results to all treatments are individual.

Results along with treatment plans, will vary depending on each persons medical history.