Local Body Hyperthermia

Local Body Hyperthermia treatments use modern technology to target and destroy tumours without damaging surrounding healthy tissue. Unlike the X-ray radiation used in conventional radiotherapy, Local Hyperthermia is not radioactive and doesn’t harm the patients.

It has become an important and sought-after treatment in integrative medicine because the risks compared to chemotherapy are significantly lower.

Worldwide, over 20,000 studies related to hyperthermia and cancers have been completed, and many scientists now consider Local Body Hyperthermia treatments as the fourth pillar of cancer treatment. It is EU-approved and widely used in European cancer clinics.

Local Body Hyperthermia Explained

Why Choose Local Body Hyperthermia?

In localised hyperthermia, an area of the body is heated in a way that the concentrated heat will start to destroy cancer cells. The reason is that healthy cells can self-regulate and have the ability to dissipate artificial heat effectively and quickly.

Most tumours do not have this ability. The treatment involves the placement of a probe onto the patient’s skin. High frequency waves are then targeted into the tumour, heating and killing its cells without the healthy tissue around it being harmed.


Local Body Hyperthermia treatments are effective on primary and secondary tumours (recurrence of tumours that were previously treated). They are suitable for the majority of patients regardless of the tumour’s stage and the patient’s general condition.

Although hyperthermia treatments are on the rise and sound very promising, they need to be executed by professionals.

At the Verita Life clinic, our oncologists and clinical doctors have been in the field of integrative cancer care for years and have completed countless successful Local Body Hyperthermia sessions.

Their results have made them and our location in Bangkok a very desirable location to receive the procedure and along with our numerous other services in cancer care, make it a one-stop-shop in safe complementary treatments.

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