Natural Killer Cells Cancer Treatment

As part of our accomplished integrative treatment programmemes, Natural Killer Cell therapy offers a powerful weapon against tumour activity.

Patients will be given multiple simple, natural regimens that are designed to cleanse and strengthen the immune system. Once the body’s environment has become extremely inhospitable to cancer cells, the Natural Killer Cells go to work using your body’s natural defenses.

This process is far less taxing than high-dose chemotherapy and similar treatments offered worldwide. This means your clean cells are left intact so that cancer can’t thrive while you recover from your cancer treatment.

This is what makes integrative care so much different than the more well-known conventional treatments, and it is part of our dedication to the true definition of health care. The latest technologies and methods integrated with world-class care for every patient that comes through our door.

Natural Killer Cells, usually referred to as NK cells, are a vital element in the innate immune system.

Essentially, they are specialists in recognizing and attacking harmful cells in the body. They can recognize malignant cells that are missing specific markers, which helps to camouflage them from other immune cells.

NK cells are simpler and faster than similar immune cells, and are capable of activating a response in these counterpart cells.

Why choose  Natural Killer Cell Therapy?

The Natural Killer Cell Therapy allows for a bolstering of the cell count that will activate a cancer-fighting response in other cells.

The process will also expose and attack the tumour at its source, which makes it a fundamental instrument in integrative medicine. And as they are a naturally-occurring element in the body, there are only rare cases of host rejection when they are introduced into a body’s eco-system.

They are considered to be the generals in the body’s immune response army, leading the way in their assault against unwanted cells.

We don't believe in hopeless cases!

With more than 50 year experience in integrative cancer medicine, we have treated many “difficult” cases and we are convinced, that every disease can be controlled or cured. 

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