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Ravindra’s Positive Experience with Integrative Cancer Treatment for Brain Cancer

Ravindra Singh, now a 70-year-old man from Australia, was diagnosed with Brain Cancer in October 2017. Ever since the life-changing incident, Ravindra, with a loving support from his wife, has been searching for a treatment that could help him. After having undergone Chemotherapy, Ravindra feared its negative side effects and, instead, chose to turn to Integrative Cancer Treatment. With a recommendation from a friend who has been to Verita Life before and a personal experience with the Doctor’s consultation, the couple flew to Bangkok to proceed with the treatments.

Improvements Following the Integrative Cancer Treatment

Ravindra received a Personalised Treatment Plan designed by the doctor to fit his every need, following which the couple reports noticing several positive improvements. Prior to the treatment, Ravindra suffered from a lack of strength in his arms and legs, whereas now this Brain Cancer patient shares with us that he enjoys much more strength in them. Moreover, Ravindra’s wife also confirms that her husband now has an improved memory, and that all the other improvements are gradually appearing too.
The couple also paid their special appreciation towards the staff and the facilities, to which she said “they (the staff) are so professional and lovely. We are really happy.”

Words of Advice

After having first-handedly experiencing both Conventional and Integrative Cancer Treatment, Ravindra’s wife took some time to leave a message for other patients going through the same fight as they are.

“If you are diagnosed with cancer, I strongly suggest to see the alternate side of the treatment because Chemotherapy and Radiation will kill both the good and bad cells. So there’s a lot of downside to it. The other patients can look at Verita Life and contact them, they are very professional.”


What is Brain Cancer?

Brain Cancer occurs when there is a growth of malignant tumours in the brain. Although not all brain tumors are malignant, they all require medical attention as the tumors can cause complication in the normal functionality of the brain. However malignant or benign, patients usually suffer from symptoms such as headaches, nausea or vomiting, blurred vision, difficulty with balancing, behavior changes, and many more.

Whilst the exact cause of Brain Cancer remains unclear, some of the risk factors include age, environmental toxins, genetic factors, and exposure to radiation. The common treatment for Brain Cancer center around Surgery, Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy. Fearing the intolerable and harmful side effects, a number of patients choose to turn to Integrative Cancer Treatment for its function to maintain the body’s whole equilibrium, boost the immune system, and attack cancer cells at the same time.

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