Testemonials – Yvonnes Story

Breast Cancer

Meet Yvonne, one of our latest patients at Verita Life Clinic and a truly courageous woman. After being diagnosed with Stage 2 Breast Cancer, she was deemed inoperable back in Australia and recommended conventional chemotherapy. She refused.

Yvonne had done plenty of research into cancer treatments and knew that an integrative approach was her best, and only, option. Following pre-treatment in Australia and many consultations with our medical team, she came to Thailand for her alternative cancer treatment protocol. Her intravenous treatments here included Vitamin C, Curcumin, and Ozone Therapy. After two weeks of Primary Treatment at our clinic, Dr. Hossami came with the news: her immune system had been repaired. She would be strong enough to continue her fight with cancer.

Here, she also shares her experience and daily life while with us at Verita Life Clinic in Bangkok. Her fight against Stage 2 Breast Cancer is an inspiration to all. We truly admire Yvonne for her spirit.

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We don't believe in hopeless cases!

With more than 50 year experience in integrative cancer medicine, we have treated many difficult cases, and we believe there is hope.