Duane’s Story

Testicular Cancer

When first diagnosed with testicular cancer in 2002, Duane chose to undergo surgery and radiation treatment with positive results and several years of good health.

However, with a recurrence of the disease in 2018, and surgery the only option given, Duane decided to do further research.

Attracted by Verita’a global network of clinics and its international standard protocols, Duane arranged an initial free phone consultation with Dr Henriquez, Chief Medical Director at Verita Life Mexico.

Duane would encourage anyone considering treatment at Verita Life Mexico to do the same.

Duane’s Treatment and progress

Settling on a 5 week programme, Duane underwent a series of integrative and complimentary treatments including IPT, Local and Whole-Body Hyperthermia, Chelation, Dendritic Cell Therapy AHCC, EWOT, Colon Hydrotherapy, Lymphatic Massage and Hyperbaric Oxygen, in addition to a personalised programme of at least a dozen natural supplements, medicines and IV infusions with proven anti -cancer properties.

Most importantly, Duane’s wife Patty was there to support him every step of the way.

Now back home, Duane is continuing with Dendritic Cell Therapy arranged through the clinic, and is optimistic the treatment programme at Verita Life has helped.

“The difference is they treat your whole body, your whole person. They’re not just interested in your disease. They really care”.

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“If you decide to come down here, make sure you bring a spouse or a friend or a family member to help you through”

We don't believe in hopeless cases!

With more than 50 year experience in integrative cancer medicine, we have treated many “difficult” cases and we are convinced, that every disease can be controlled or cured. 

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