Matthew Murney, Colorectal Cancer Patient
Video Testimonial

After being diagnosed with Stage 2 Colorectal Cancer, New Zealander Matthew Murney received conventional chemotherapy and radiation believing that was his best bet in fighting against the cancer. At first the treatments appeared to be working but suddenly the cancer mutated with his treatment, spreading throughout his body. Subsequently diagnosed as Stage 4, Matthew’s doctors told him they no longer believed there was a chance.

We had put 100% belief in the standard medical system in our country and they could only take us so far.”

After researching alternative treatments, Matthew reached out to Verita Life and quickly made his way to the clinic in Bangkok.

Verita Life has never doubted that I could beat this and survive… they never doubted it for a single second.

Blood tests quickly started to show dramatic improvements, tumor markers were going down, there were positive results in the metastases in his liver, and his lymph nodes no longer showed signs of the cancer.

Matthew expressed his frustration with conventional treatment methods and the pessimistic attitude of his doctors back home, who gave him a 1% chance of survival. 9 weeks later, however, Matthew is feeling better every day and has started to believe there is chance after all.

There’s light at the end of the tunnel. I’m keen to go home and carry on living! says Matthew.

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