Kiaora Pat Mane, Squamous Cell Carcinoma Patient
Video Testimonial

In 2016, Kiaora Pat Mane was diagnosed with Squamous Cell Carcinoma and received several rounds of both Chemotherapy and Radiation treatment, as recommended by his doctors.  The treatments, however, were long and difficult , costing Pat around 30kg in weight, and leaving him bedridden. Upon completion, Kiaora was told his cancer had been beaten.

Still feeling unwell however, and noticing his lymph nodes were swollen, Kiaora pushed for more tests. Afterwards, doctors found that he had, in fact, been misdiagnosed, and his cancer had spread.

I wish I knew about this place 3 or 4 years ago. I wish I knew so I didn’t have to go down that long road with modern medicine.” says Kiaora.

Looking for alternatives, Kiaora eventually found Verita Life and travelled to Thailand for treatment.

Receiving a combination of IPT, Vitamin C, Dendritic Cells, Hyperthermia and other treatments for 5 weeks, Kiaora’s scans showed his cancer had reduced by 60%. As well, his coughing had completely subsided, and he was feeling healthier and stronger than he had in some time.

My outcome was good, and I met a lot of people here and they all had good outcomes, which opened my eyes.

“This is the place to be”, says Kiaora.

Receiving a total of 8 weeks of integrative treatments, Kiaora has now returned home to New Zealand with additional Dendritic Cell vaccines to continue with over the coming months.

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