Mark Squamous Cell Carcinoma Patient
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Mark Talks about his Integrative Treatment Experience for Squamous Cell Carcinoma

60-year-old Australian, Mark Clifford was diagnosed with Squamous Cell Carcinoma which also metastasised to Prostate Cancer. Mark learned about Verita Life through a friend who at one point received treatments here. After additional inquiries and research, he decided to undergo Integrative Treatment for his condition in Bangkok.

Improvements with Integrative Treatment

During his stay at Verita Life, Mark received a combination of treatments designed to weaken the cancer and strengthen his immune system. He received treatments including Local Hyperthermia, Deep Tissue Massage, Lymphatic Therapy,  Dendritic Cell Therapy, Colon Irrigation and Biological Treatments.

Mark experienced noticeable improvements as he underwent treatment at Verita Life. His most recent test for prostate-specific antigen levels indicated a lower number. This is indicative of an improvement in his prostate condition. The squamous cell carcinoma on his face has also considerably decreased in size as well.

Moreover, he remarked positively about the quality of the facilities and the competency of the medical staff that attended to his needs during his treatment.

You couldn’t ask for a better nursing staff”


Mark’s Word of Advice

Mark believes that the Holistic Approach to curing cancer is an effective one and is a good option for other cancer patients too.

I would recommend it. For me, it’s a more holistic approach to cancer and it offers more than just chemo and radiation that they offer in Australia. It’s a complete treatment. I think that having so many facets to the treatment working together should get the result.”


What is Squamous Cell Carcinoma?

Squamous Cell Carcinoma (SCC) is a very common form of skin cancer.  It arises when abnormal cell growth occurs in squamous cells located largely in the epidermis. These will often manifest in red scaly patches, warts, or elevated growths with central depressions. They may on occasion develop a crust or bleed.

This form of cancer is largely attributed to cumulative long-term exposure to ultraviolet radiation throughout the course of a lifetime. SCC can manifest on various areas in the body. This includes mucous membranes and genitals. However, it mostly occurs in locations that face regular exposure to the sun such as areas around the face, ear, scalp, neck, and limbs.

Verita Life provides Integrative Treatments that are scientifically-proven and are delivered under the supervision of experienced medical experts. Each patient is given a personalised treatment plan for his or her specific case.

Integrative Treatments utilise techniques similar to standard Chemotherapy in the form of IPT which includes Low Dose Chemotherapy without side-effects. In addition, numerous other treatments such as Local Hyperthermia, Dendritic Cell Therapy, and Biological Treatments are applied to weaken cancer and at the same time, strengthen the body’s natural capability to fight against the condition.

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