Samantha Osman, Breast Cancer Patient
Video Testimonial

When diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer in 2015, single mother of one, Samantha Osman, said the news came as “an immense shock” with enormous pressure placed on her to immediately undergo surgery.

“Within a week I’d had a mastectomy and lymph nodes removed…in hindsight, with the knowledge that I have now and the research that I’ve done, I would not have made that decision.”

A year later Samantha saw a reoccurrence of the cancer in the scar tissue of her breast and was immediately placed on a conventional chemotherapy program. Within the first two cycles, however, Samantha said she could “barely walk” and was so sick she made the difficult decision not to continue.

Through extensive research, Samantha learnt about alternative treatment programs and ways to treat cancer through a less harmful and integrative approach.

Eventually settling on Verita Life Thailand, Samantha received a range of treatments including NK Cell Therapy, IPT, IV Vitamin C infusions, herbal treatments, and many more.

After just 4 weeks, an MRI revealed a significant decrease in her cancer mass, with subsequent stablisation during follow-up.


Everybody that I’ve met here has progressed … and has returned home better than when they arrived here, says Samantha

Now back in South Africa, Samantha is continuing with her Verita Life home care program.


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