Anthony’s Story

Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma

Anthony was diagnosed with stage 4 Nasal Pharyngeal Carcinoma in early 2016 and followed advice from his local doctors to receive radiation and chemotherapy treatment. After 7 weeks of constant Radiotherapy followed by 2 high-dose chemotherapy sessions, Anthony had to refuse further treatment as he was worried for his deteriorating health.

Anthony began recovering but soon the Cancer returned to his nose, face and retina on the left side of his head. Again his local oncologist recommended chemo which he says he “flat out refused”

During his healing process, Anthony stumbled upon a cancer clinic documentary by Ty Bollinger which lead him to seek immunotherapy treatment at Verita Life in Thailand.

Anthony’s advice about Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma

Anthony is extremely impressed with his treatment noting that every treatment plan is tailored for each patient depending on their cancer type, needs and health condition. His tumours have reduced by 40% and his markers are down 50% and he’s well on his way to seeing the cancer eventually gone.

Anthony broke into tears reminiscing over the difficult journey he’s taken to get here. He recommends those with cancer diagnoses not to jump into treatment and instead explore options and find what fits them best.

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“Everybody that I’ve met here has progressed … and has returned home better than when they arrived here”

We don't believe in hopeless cases!

With more than 50 year experience in integrative cancer medicine, we have treated many “difficult” cases and we are convinced, that every disease can be controlled or cured. 

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