Sadhu Khalsa, 74 years Prostate Cancer USA
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Prostate cancer patient given a second chance with integrative treatment at Verita Life clinic

Five years ago, Sadhu started to experience problems in his lower urinary tract, which got progressively worse until he the received a diagnosis of prostate cancer in 2018.

After consulting with a friend who was a doctor, and researching a range of different treatment options, including conventional and alternative treatments, Sadhu made the decision to come to Verita Life in Mexico.

Some of the other programs (I was considering) were a lot more expensive and they were for a shorter period of time … but I thought this was the best place I could be taken care of anywhere in the world.”

Undertaking Verita Life’s six week integrative program Sadhu received nutritional support supervised by Verita’s in-house nutritionist, along with IPT, hyperthermia, oxygen therapy and immunotherapy.

This saw Sadhu’s PSA levels drop from an original reading of over > 600 ng/mL to 105ng/mL at the time of discharge.

“I feel I am getting stronger and healthier but more than anything the kindness of the staff, there is no way to put that in words.

I am totally satisfied with the medical treatment I have received here.”

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