Anthony Denoon, Prostate Cancer Patient
Video Testimonial

When first diagnosed with prostate cancer in August 2012, Anthony Denoon underwent surgery and radiotherapy with positive results. A return of the disease in 2018 however, caused Anthony to reconsider his treatment options. As former owner of an organic store and good health advocate, Anthony was familiar with Verita Life and its integrative programs, making the decision to travel to Thailand, an easy one.

“I did a balance of traditional medicine combined with natural therapies and kept both practitioners informed”, says Anthony.

While at Verita Life, Anthony’s personalised program included Immune Therapy with Dendritic Cell Vaccines, Vitamin C infusion, herbal therapy and more.

I was so impressed from day one … ”

“The administration staff, the kitchen staff, the nursing staff are just absolutely delightful, professional and efficient”.

By the completion of treatment at Verita Life, Anthony saw his PSA levels decrease from 0.06 mg/ml to 0.036 ng/ml.

Now back in Australia, Anthony is continuing with further Dendritic Cell Therapy provided by Verita Life and other at-home treatments.

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