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A Canadian Prostate Cancer Chooses Integrative Cancer Treatment

Michael J. Craig, a 57-year-old man from Canada, was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. In search of an Integrative Cancer Treatment, Michael reached out to Verita Life from the internet. He was in touch with one of our patient representative and has all of his questions answered. He, then, decided to come here.

Michael’s Experience with Integrative Treatment

As a part of his personalised treatment plan, Michael received Hyperthermia, Ozone therapy, and many more. He shares with us that he has overall enjoyed his stay here, as well as appreciated all the warm, caring, and professional environment Verita Life has.

A Word of Advice

For me, I was very stressed, and confused. But I felt at ease as soon as i came through the door and agree with their treatment.”

To those who were also diagnosed with cancer, Michael said that “try not to panic. We have options still. The changes I went through at Verita are great. I think of cancer different now.”

Understanding Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer occurs when cancerous cells grow uncontrollably in the prostate gland, which is where the production of the seminal fluid and the transportation of sperms take place. It is the 4th most common cancer type in men, with a staggering figure of more than 1.1 million cases being diagnosed in the previous year alone. Cases of prostate cancer account for 15% of all cancer types in men.

The symptoms of Prostate Cancer includes decreased and interrupted force of urine stream, difficulty starting to urinate or emptying the bladder, blood in the urine, frequent urination, erectile dysfunction, blood in seminal fluid, and more. The approach to treating Prostate Cancer includes Conventional and Integrative Treatment. A large number of people favors the Integrative approach for its potential to attack cancer cells, whilst maintaining the body’s overall immune system at the same time and yielding minimal side effects.

The testimonials on our website are the real life experiences from patients who are willing to share their experiences and treatment journey at Verita Life. They have done so to offer some insight and may be of hope to other cancer patients, but they are not meant to represent the journey of all patients. Individual results, along with treatment plans, will vary depending on a patient’s medical history.

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