Starr Mriaglia, Breast Cancer Patient
Video Testimonial

Prior to her diagnosis of Breast Cancer, Starr Mriaglia, knew something “wasn’t right”. Her energy levels were down, and she was experiencing shortness of breath. A visit to her doctor and blood tests confirmed that she, in fact, had breast cancer, with lymph node metastasis.

Having worked in the health industry, Starr immediately began to research alternative treatment options and came across Verita Life’s Mexico clinic. Realising that the clinic offered many of the treatments she was interested in, which were usually only offered in Europe, Starr booked in for an initial 3 week stint.

When I walked through the doors it just confirmed all of my thoughts. It’s everything you want it to be.” says Starr tearily.

Receiving a combination of treatments, including Dendritic and NK Cell vaccines, Starr quickly began to notice her energy levels “soar”, with continued progress throughout her stay.

Following her initial program, Starr took home a 6-month supply of vaccines, which stabilised the cancer, and was able to return to many of her normal activities including hiking, boating and spending quality time with friends.

“My life is just as it was before, and I feel excellent.”

Starr has recently returned to Verita Life for follow up treatment and to keep her immune system in check. 

I would advise anyone and everyone I know. When you come to Mexico, come to Verita” says Starr.

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