Rosie Magyawi, Lung Cancer Patient
Video Testimonial

Shock Diagnosis Leads Rosie to Verita Life Thailand

When Rosie Magyawi, 59, went for a routine medical check prior to a family trip overseas, the last thing she expected was a cancer diagnosis. Presenting with no obvious outward signs, Rosie was shocked to discover that her Lung Cancer was in fact at Stage 4, with multiple lymph node and bone metastases.

 Seeking a second opinion, Rosie’s worst fears were confirmed.

 By chance however, Rosie’s daughter knew someone who had previously been treated at Verita Life Thailand, and with positive results.

 “My daughter convinced me … and we were in a hurry … before it could spread”, Rosie says.

 Over 5 weeks of integrative treatment, under the care and guidance of Dr Hossami and his team, Rosie received a combination of Immune Therapy with Natural Killer cell, Vitamin C infusion, Herbal therapy and more. Slowly, she began to improve and after just a few weeks of treatment, was able to eat more solid food, gained weight and saw a significant reduction in pain and improved mobility.

 As well, Rosie lost her fear and began to enjoy the family like atmosphere of the clinic, the friendliness of the staff and the warm comradery amongst the patients and their loved ones, from all around the world.

 Most importantly, however, Rosie’s test results were impressive –  her lung mass decreased from 7.1 x 5.5 x 5.5 cm to 2.3 cm,  her tumour markers decreased significantly and her CEA decreased to a normal range.


For other cancer patients my advice is to come here earlier!“ says Rosie. ”If they want to be cured fast. Come to Verita


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