Kaloree’s Story

Breast Cancer

Karolee came to Verita Life’s Mexico clinic having Stage 4 Breast Cancer. She knew that going for the Conventional Treatment was not an option as her body was not able to take it. She came to us knowing this fact. Along with other treatments that help to build the immune system and a thoughtfully planned diet, Karolee was able to see the improvements in her health in six weeks which she calls this Phase 1 of her fight against Cancer.

Karolee’s Treatment Plan

Karolee had a 6-week integrative treatment including dendritic cells and other immunotherapies, localized hyperthermia, full-body hyperthermia, IV nutrition, and daily lesion care.


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“I have been here six weeks.. I would not be able to sit in front of the camera if the [treatment here] didn’t work.”