Kathy Jenkins, Breast Cancer Patient
Video Testimonial


It’s a war and you’ve got to have everything in order to fight the disease. And they help you with that.

First diagnosed with breast cancer in 2016, Kathy Jenkins has journeyed through both surgery and complimentary and integrative treatments since that time. A patient of Dr Henriquez since 2017, Kathy has been in remission since then, but continues with supportive treatments to maintain a healthy immune system and keep cancer in check.

Recently Kathy came to Verita Life Mexico for 2 weeks of booster treatments, which included Hyperthermia, IPT, Vitamin C infusions and Dendritic Cell Therapy.

“It’s a comfortable place and you just feel more at peace here rather than knocking your brains out, trying to figure out what to do next. These people will help you with all the information, education, and proper modalities to deal (with it)”.

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