Christine Doblo, Breast Cancer Patient
Video Testimonial


I know I made the right move.

When first diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer in 2013 Christine Doblo chose to undergo surgery. Though successful at the time, Christine’s cancer returned aggressively in 2018 with metastases to both the lung and bones.

“I was basically told I could have chemotherapy until I died, and that was the only treatment available for me. So I decided to look elsewhere”.

Researching online Christine and her daughter came across Verita Life Clinics and decided to schedule a free Skype consultation with Asia Pacific Medical Director, Dr Hossami, in Thailand.

“I felt very confident in Dr Hossami and I intuitively felt like this was the move I needed to make if I was going to survive”, says Christine. Now at the end of her 9-week treatment plan, Christina feels confident. “I know I made the right move”.

As part of her personalised integrative treatment plan, Christine received a combination of Insulin Potentiated Therapy (IPT), Immune Therapy with Natural Killer cell, Herbal IV’s, Electro Lymphatic Therapy and more.

“This clinic is doing some amazing work and I highly recommend it to anyone going through the cancer journey”, says Christine.

There’s no one so far that I have seen come into this clinic that has not improved. And that is very dramatic.

With boosted energy, reduced pain, better mobility and most importantly, a reduction in her cancer, Christine is now ready to return home and continue treatment with her take-home care pack.


In August 2019, Christine returned to Verita Life Thailand, knowing that she needed follow up treatment, for her advanced cancer stage.

“In my particular case, [the cancer] was fairly extensive, and I knew I needed to have another round,” she says.

During her second series of treatments, Christine continued to do IPT, as well as Hyperthermia and also added Vitamin B17 to her treatment list. After 5 weeks, her CRP has reduced from over 400 down to about 2.

Following this, Christine was surprised with just how good the results could be.

My latest results are excellent, there’s no cancer in the lungs or the spine. It’s all gone.

Thank you Christina for putting your trust in Dr Hossami and the Verita Life team!

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