Shirley Lapp, Breast Cancer Patient
Video Testimonial

When Shirley Lapp came to Verita Life Mexico, her breast cancer tumour was already growing both inside and outside her body. “It was the size of an orange but had not attached, so I was fortunate in that sense”, says Shirley.

Though Shirley had consulted with many doctors in her home town of Alberta Canada, none had offered her the same level of thoroughness and care that she found with Verita Life’s Dr Henriquez during their first Skype consultation.

“His honesty and sincerity was something that touched my heart.

And from where I’m at today (6 weeks later) I know I made the right choice”.

After traveling to Tijuana, Shirley was also overwhelmed by the level of care she received from the nursing and clinic staff alike. “I love them all, they’ve treated me like family and they’ve gone beyond anything I would have received at home” says Shirley, fighting back tears.

During her 6 week treatment program, Shirley received a range of integrative treatments, ranging from IPT to Dendritic Cell Therapy, local and whole body Hyperthermia, Ozone Therapy plus many more.

From the very first week at Verita Life, Shirley’s external tumour started to shrink and by week 5 had died completely, requiring only cauterising to remove. As well, her inside tumour has significantly decreased in size and she notes that she is returning home “healthier than I have probably been in the last 20 years”.

For the next three months Shirley will continue with at home with Dendritic Cell Vaccines, as well as changes to both her diet and lifestyle to maintain her now stronger immune system.

“For anyone considering alternative treatments, Verita Life, for me, has been the wisest choice I’ve made.

 I’m going home with a whole new outlook on life and absolutely amazing results”.

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