Peter Spillane Colon Cancer Patient
Video Testimonial

“I’d say don’t wait. I wish I hadn’t waited, I would have been out of here long ago”.

When Peter Spillane first noticed some abnormal bowel symptoms, he brushed it off as IBS, which he assumed would pass in time. However several months later things were slowly getting worse and Peter decided to visit a doctor and investigate further. Results confirmed Peter had colon cancer with liver metastasis.

After researching treatment options, Peter made the decision to come to Verita Life Thailand, where he underwent a 6 week personalised program which included Insulin Potentiated Therapy (IPT), local hyperthermia, Vitamin C infusion, herbal therapy and more.

“When I came to here I was very weak, recalls Peter. “I couldn’t eat, I was lucky to be able to get out of bed sometimes …”

Now I can walk, I can eat. I am feeling much better.”

Most significantly Peter’s tumour was reduced to less than 50% of its size “this is smaller than it was when I was first diagnosed”, says Peter.

Now back in Sydney, Australia, Peter is continuing to recover with his Verita Life home treatment package.

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