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Roger Shares His Verita Life Integrative Cancer Treatment experience  

After being diagnosed with Gastric Cancer, Roger Baugh, a 68 year-old Australian, discussed his treatment options in Australia with his physician. The prospect of Conventional Chemotherapy and Radiation with the numerous side-effects, coupled with the absence of a guarantee of recovery, led him to consider Integrative Treatments to deal with his cancer.

Roger’s son had been doing research on cancer treatment for his father-in-law. When he learned that Roger was diagnosed with Gastric Cancer, they quickly decided to go to Verita Life.

Improvements after the first round of Integrative Treatments

Roger received IPT, Metabolic Treatments, Biological Treatment, High Dose Vitamin C and more.

Just after two weeks of treatment, Roger experienced significant progress with his Integrative Treatment at Verita Life. His tumour marks had decreased from 48 to 25. He had regained a greater level of strength and fitness due to the Personalised Integrative Treatment regimen he had undertaken.

The treatment I have got here from the clinic has made me stronger and fitter than when I got here. And has made me feel a lot better. And I do feel as though I have no more worries about the cancer.”

Roger’s Advice for Cancer Patients

Roger urges cancer patients to consider Integrative Treatments and to change their lifestyles to become healthier. He also highly recommends receiving treatment at Verita Life.

Treatment facilities can get the cancer and knock it down, nullify it and render it dormant. But it will stay there if they don’t change themselves, change their lifestyles. You have to change your lifestyle.”

This is the ultimate place to come. The staff here are brilliant, the doctors are brilliant, the facility is world class. They care. They care about every single person here. They are world class.”


What is Gastric Cancer?

According to the World Health Organisation, Gastric Cancer is the world’s third most common cause of cancer-related death. It occurs when malignant cells form in the lining of the stomach. In advanced stages, it may spread to nearby organs.

As with most forms of cancer, standard treatments include Radiation and Chemotherapy, both of which may or may not lead to remission but have a large chance of doing harm to other organs. This is why more patients are opting for Alternative Treatments.

At Verita Life, doctors will apply top-of-the-line IPT as well as Immune-Boosting Treatments and more. The end goal is to target the cancer cells and hinder their growth while at the same time enhancing the body’s natural defences against the disease.

The testimonials on our website are the real life experiences from patients who are willing to share their experiences and treatment journey at Verita Life. They have done so to offer some insight and may be of hope to other cancer patients, but they are not meant to represent the journey of all patients. Individual results, along with treatment plans, will vary depending on a patient’s medical history.

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