Faiza Hanna Breast Cancer Patient
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Faiza Hanna, Breast Cancer Patient

When Faiza Hanna was diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer she was “shocked”. Though she had experienced breast cancer six years ago, this time she felt no symptoms despite her results showing she had metastases to her lymph nodes, liver and bones. Faiza’s doctor also told her she had only three weeks to live and there were no treatments available that could help to prolong her life.


Go and eat 10 cheeseburgers, that’s what I would do.”-her Doctor bluntly quipped.

After minor surgery to take a biopsy, Faiza developed infections and became very ill. Placed on heavy doses of morphine, she became bed ridden, unable to walk and speak, while her weight plummeted to a critical 35 kilograms. “I was gone”, Faiza recalls, fighting back tears.

Desperate, Faiza’s daughter Nathalie went online and started to research alternative treatments. When she came across Verita Life, she reached out to Faith, Verita Life’s client liaison specialist in Bangkok.

“I don’t know what I would have done without Faith, she was amazing’, says Nathalie. “She helped me through a lot. Every question, everything I wasn’t sure about … she was there for me”.

Making the decision to come to Verita Life however was not an easy one as Faiza was extremely frail and jaundiced. “I was very stressed” says Faiza. “This was such a big thing, not just for me, but for my family. To get on the plane, I didn’t know if I would make it.”

Upon reaching Verita Life clinic, Faiza was immediately placed on a liver support program for two weeks, while further treatments included Immune Therapy with Natural Killer (NK) cells, Vitamin C infusion, herbal therapies.

Slowly, slowly I started to feel better”says Faiza.

After her 8 week program Faiza had gained weight, was able to sit upright and speak. Most remarkably however, her PET-CT scan results showed no more cancer in her body, except for one tiny benign cell in her liver. As well, there were marked improvements in her symptoms and also sharp decrease in her tumour markers – CEA from 96.19 to 9.59 and CA 15-3 from 2646 to 183.30.

I’m still in shock”says NathalieIt’s a miracle”

Following her release and return home Faiza is now looking forward to spending Christmas with her family, a moment that seemed impossible several months ago.

“I’m very happy because I can enjoy life again with my children and grandchildren. I want to thank Verita Life and Dr.Hossami and all the team here who were very friendly, very positive and very patient with me. I love them”.

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