Erica Murphy Breast Cancer Patient
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Erica Murphy, 41, USA Breast Cancer

In July 2018, Erica Murphy was diagnosed with Stage 2, Grade 3 Breast Cancer. At just 41 and the mother of 2 young children, the news was both devastating and overwhelming, with the pressure to urgently undergo conventional treatment, her only given option.

“We went through all her doctors appointments, even though it felt endless”, says Erica’s fiancé, Marco. “We even went to the biggest cancer facility in L.A. and the Doctor literally told us that if Erica didn’t do chemo or radiation, the insurance company wouldn’t pay them and it was the only way she would be treated. That just didn’t sounds right to me”.

After extensively researching alternative methods and clinics, Erica made the decision to come to Verita Life in Mexico, where she received a range of treatments, including Whole Body Hyperthermia, Local Hyperthermia, High doses of Vitamin C,Laetrile and Dendritic Cells, among others, over a 4 week period.

In this time, Erica’s tumours shrunk by half.

“Verita Life were amazing and treated us like family, says Marco again. “If Erica needed anything, they would always be by her side, and even when we were not at the clinic, we could still call the doctor personally at any time, day or night”.

After returning home, Erica will continue treatment as part of her Verita Life package, which includes Dendritic Cell vaccines and Natural Killer Cells.

“Even if you are choosing to do traditional chemotherapy and radiation, it’s still an option to come here first to build your immune system” says Erica.

Don’t be scared. Try it, you’ve got nothing to lose. It’s your life, it’s your health, and I would recommend Verita Life to anyone I know.

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