Dr Loiuss Story

Bowel Cancer

When diagnosed with stage 4 cancer of the bowel, Canadian physician, Dr Louis was told his condition was inoperable and that he only had nine months to live.

Though chemotherapy was offered, Dr Louis chose not to proceed, and instead set about researching alternative treatments.

After choosing treatment at Verita Life Mexico, Dr Louis underwent a personalised 6 week programme, which included a wide range of daily IV infusions, supplements, medicines, Immunotherapy, Oxygen Therapy, IPT and a Ketogenic diet plan adjusted specifically to his needs.

At the completion of his treatment programme, Dr Louis had successfully gained 17 pounds, which according to his BMI was mostly muscle, mass, while he also recorded an increase in energy levels and an ability to resume close to his regular pre-cancer exercise routine.

Dr. Louis’ PET scan results showed that he is now cancer free.

“The care at this clinic has been excellent, it has exceeded my expectations and I have had beyond great care. The nursing staff work as a team, the physicians work as a team, and they have delivered more than I expected when I initially came”, says Dr. Louis.

“When you are given the diagnosis of cancer it’s not a death sentence, it’s a life sentence. Every second counts, every minute counts, every relationship counts, all of a sudden your life becomes more intense, your relationships become more intense. It is not a disempowering disease, it is an empowering disease. Choose well what treatments and where you get them, because treatment is available. Help is close at hand”.

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"I took two and half months to research and it’s what I would recommend other cancer patients to do. Your heart hasn’t stopped. Your brain hasn’t stopped. You have time to research"