Colin’s Story

Colon Cancer

Colin was Verita Life’s patient from Australia. He was diagnosed with Colon Cancer and tried conventional treatments such as Chemotherapy before packing his bags to come to Bangkok for Alternative Treatments.

“Everybody here.. lives in this culture of promoting positivity and hope. It’s become quite apparent how important that is here with the treatment.”

Colin’s Treatment Plan

Mr Colin, a 57-year-old male patient, was diagnosed with colon cancer in March 2019 and underwent surgery to remove the tumour. After the surgery, Colin refused to undergo chemotherapy and started Ayurveda medicine in India. Six months later he found the cancer had metastasised to liver, lung and adrenal gland.

Colin came to Verita Life in January 2020 with symptoms including jaundice, ascites, and oedema in both legs.

During his treatment his jaundice subsided, his liver function improved and he became more energetic.

His health continues to progress positively and with his planned exercise schedule he is gradually regaining weight and muscle.

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