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Australian Breast Cancer Patient, Siew Chin, Shares Her Integrative Treatment Experience 

Siew Chin, aged 76, is a Breast Cancer patient from Australia. In search for the Treatment for her condition, Siew was involved in discussions with her friends and relatives before her nephew recommended Verita Life to her. She was strongly determined to improve her health and thought Verita Life was the right place for her.

Improvements after Integrative Treatment

Siew received a personalised Integrative Treatment Plan under close supervision of our medical experts. The Treatment Plan, which includes IPT, Biological Treatment, Detox Treatment, Supportive Treatment and more, yielded positive improvements as Siew Chin regained her taste and senses. She can now eat and sleep well, and is able to do everything naturally again.

Moreover, Siew expressed her acknowledgement towards all of the staff at Verita Life for making her stay in Bangkok smooth and comfortable. She also appreciated the support she received to help her get through the journey.

You feel at home here. You feel taken care of, from head to toe. There is nothing for you to worry about.”

A Word of Appreciation

Siew Chin shows appreciation towards Verita Life and its staff for their extended support.

Help’s always there. They make you as comfortable as they can. Ask them about anything, and they are ever ready to help.”


What is Breast Cancer?

Breast Cancer occurs when there is a malignant growth of tumours in the breast.

Breast Cancer is the most common form of cancer in women worldwide. Nevertheless, men are also at risk of developing it, although at a lower rate.

The disease can be diagnosed by ultrasound testing, mammography, or biopsy. However, because its symptoms are more easily observable, Breast Cancer is sometimes diagnosed by self-examination or during a physical examination. Some of the common symptoms include breast lump, inverted nipple, blood discharge from the nipples, change in size or shape, breast pain, and more.

Some of the treatments for Breast Cancer include conventional Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy. However, these methods could damage the body’s overall immune system, which can lead to other negative side effects. A number of patients, instead, turn to Integrative Treatments for its power to boost the immune system while targeting cancer cells at the same time. This way, patients receive minimal or no side effects at all.

The testimonials on our website are the real life experiences from patients who are willing to share their experiences and treatment journey at Verita Life. They have done so to offer some insight and may be of hope to other cancer patients, but they are not meant to represent the journey of all patients. Individual results, along with treatment plans, will vary depending on a patient’s medical history.

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