Preethi Breast Cancer Patient
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Preethi Shares her Integrative Treatment Experience at Verita Life 

Preethi, 39 years of age from Australia was diagnosed with Breast Cancer while pregnant. Doctors prescribed only conventional treatment and suggested that she should begin Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy while her child was 16 weeks and that the child should be delivered prematurely at 28 weeks. Conventional treatments had a high probability of causing harm to her baby. Needless to say, Preethi and her family were not happy with their prospects.

Aside from discussing with her doctors, she went online on forums and Facebook discussion pages. This is where she first encountered Verita Life.

Preethi’s Treatment Plan

Preethi received a combination of treatments from Verita Life. She received IPT (which functions as a low-dose Chemotherapy), Hyperthermia and more, alongside Immune Treatments delivered intravenously.

After seven weeks of treatment, Preethi felt lighter and more energetic. The pain she felt had subsided. Towards the end of her treatment, her scans had already indicated a decrease in the size of her tumour.

Preethi also appreciated Verita Life’s Integrative approach in addressing cancer,

The difference here is that in Verita Life they look at the root cause of the problem for the cancer and not to treat only the cancer. The root cause is the main thing that needs treatment. Building immunity for the body to fight cancer by itself. That is what is lacking in our hometown back in Sydney.”

Preethi’s Words of Appreciation

Preethi appreciates the world-class level of care she received at Verita Life.

The doctors have been excellent and supportive. The entire ambience of the clinic, the ambience, the hygiene has been excellent. World Class. I would also like to mention that nursing staff and the kitchen staff. They have been really good. They go out of their way to help the patients here. I am happy to have been under their care.”


Understanding Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer is the most prevalent type of cancer diagnosed in women. In the United States, one in eight women are expected to develop an invasive form of Breast Cancer within their lifetime.

While Breast Cancer on its own has a low mortality rate relative to other forms of cancer, the possibility of metastasising is a real one. Immediate treatment upon diagnosis is ideal.

Conventional treatments to the disease such as Chemotherapy and Radiation are known for their significant side effects. This is why more people have started considering alternative treatment options.

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