Lauren Breast Cancer Patient
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Lauren Shares Her Breast Cancer Integrative Treatment Experience 

Lauren, a 52-year-old Australian patient was diagnosed with Breast Cancer back home. She and her family decided to come to Bangkok for Integrative Cancer Treatment. This decision was made after her doctor in Australia told her that her cancer is terminal and that they cannot do much about it. Lauren and her family had lost hope at that moment, but regained hope after discovering Verita Life through an Australian Naturopath.

Lauren’s Integrative Treatment Protocol

At Verita Life, Lauren received a variety of treatments including IPT, Hyperthermia, Curcumin and other supportive therapies. With the combination of all these treatments that were personalised according to her condition, she was closer towards her goal of getting better.

According to Lauren, one of the immediate improvements she had experienced after her treatment was the reduction of her pain level. She used to have severe pain in her spine and hips, but the painful feeling decreased continuously during the treatments and that was a big change for her.

The Rocher family is impressed with Verita Life’s medical staff and they feel delighted seeing the staff’s compassionate care towards all patients.

We’ve just been overwhelmed with the support of the staff. The facilities have been really good. Everything is just a state-of-the-art.”


Message from Lauren and Her Family

According to the Rocher family, they came to Bangkok for Lauren’s treatments because in Australia, they were disappointed by the limited options available. However, coming to Verita Life gave them a renewed sense of hope.

When we arrived she was in a lot of pain. Her pain level at the moment is at 0, where it was close to level of 10 prior to that. That in itself is an evidence that we’ve seen improvement.”- Lauren’s Husband


What is Breast Cancer?

Breast Cancer occurs in the inner lining of the milk ducts when the cells begin to divide out of control. According to the National Cancer Institute, Breast Cancer is the most common type of cancer diagnosed in females. Nevertheless, it can also occur to males as well.

Some of the risk factors for Breast Cancer include oestrogen exposure, genetics, age, and more. The Conventional Treatment for Breast Cancer is generally reported to have negative side effects on the immune system and could lead to long-term damage, which is why a growing number of patients choose to turn to Integrative Treatment favoring it for a safe, yet effective outcome.

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