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Australian diagnosed with Brain Cancer Talks about His Integrative Treatment Experience at Verita Life 

Lance Riddle is a 60 year-old man from Australia, who was diagnosed with Brain Cancer. In search for the treatment that could help him, he found Verita Life on the Internet. After having talked to the staff here, Lance was particularly impressed with Verita Life’s Integrative Treatment for the personalised treatment plan. He shared with us his positive impression of how Verita Life prioritises a patient’s needs first. The fact that they guided him through the whole process and informed him clearly of all steps of the treatment, played a big role in boosting his confidence and trust on Verita Life. On top of that, Lance decided to come to Verita Life following a recommendation of an acquaintance who was previously a patient here.

They listen to what you’ve got to say here. You know you’re getting what you really need. The doctor understands what’s going on.”


Lance’s Experience with Verita Life

Lance received Hyperthermia, Biological Therapy, Metabolic Therapy, and more, as a part of his personalised Treatment Plan. Midway to the treatment, he had already seen an improvement physically. As he continues on with the whole Treatment Plan, Lance hopes to enjoy a better brain function as well.

Overall, Lance has had an extremely pleasant stay at Verita Life; mainly for the good atmosphere at the facility and extremely supportive staff. He rendered special appreciation towards the staff and doctor for their guidance throughout his treatment journey at Verita Life.

Words of Recommendation

In the interview, Lance strongly recommended everyone in need to come to Verita Life. Since the treatment here is highly personalised, he also suggested to get as much information as possible for a thorough understanding of the detailed treatment plan.

I will certainly recommend it… [I’m] very glad I made the decision to come here.”


What is Brain Cancer?

Brain Cancer refers to the growth of malignant tumours in the brain. Primary Brain Cancer, or the development of cancer cells that originated in the brain, is much less common than a metastatic Brain Cancer, which is the spread of cancerous cells from elsewhere in the body to the brain. However malignant or benign, Brain Cancer patients usually suffer from symptoms such as headaches, nausea or vomiting, blurred vision, difficulty with balancing, behaviour changes, and many more.

Brain Cancer Infographic

While the exact cause of Brain Cancer is yet unknown, some of the risk factors include age, environmental toxins, genetic factors, and exposure to radiation. The common treatment for Brain Cancer is Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy, but they could yield harmful and intolerable side effects.

Instead, a number of patients choose to turn to Integrative Cancer Treatment for its function to maintain the body’s whole equilibrium, boost the immune system, and attack cancer cells at the same time.

The testimonials on our website are the real life experiences from patients who are willing to share their experiences and treatment journey at Verita Life. They have done so to offer some insight and may be of hope to other cancer patients, but they are not meant to represent the journey of all patients. Individual results, along with treatment plans, will vary depending on a patient’s medical history.

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