Conne Bard, Bladder Cancer Patient
Video Testimonial

Diagnosed with advanced bladder cancer in 2018, Conne Bard, 75 was given no options of treatment in her home country of the USA, due to a serious hearing problem.

I went to the University of Penyslvania, Sloan Kettering and John Hopkins and basically they told me – see you!.

Seeking alternatives, Conne came across Verita Life clinics and soon after travelled to Mexico to undertake a 4-week program, which included IPT or low dose chemotherapy, Local Hyperthermia, Dendritic cells and Natural Killer (NK) Cell Vaccines.

The clinic is beautiful … very comfortable, it has a great atmosphere and feels cheery.

Conne also noted the convenience of the clinic to her hotel, the assistance she received from staff and how safe she felt in the location.

The most impressive feature however were the results of Conne’s Doppler scan, which showed a decrease in her tumour size so dramatic, it could no longer be located..

“I couldn’t believe it. It was a miracle!” she says.

Now ready to go home, Conne will continue with her at-home program and continue to monitor her diet and overall wellbeing.

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